Make an academic career plan

Create your academic portfolio

Whether you are on a tenure track or seeking other forms of advancement, you need to create and manage the collection of documents that reflect your time spent—and your effectiveness—in teaching, research, and other areas of academic life. In the ITL, you will learn what contents to add to your portfolio and how to document your achievements.

Understand the requirements of academic institutions

Through formal presentation and conversations with your fellow ITL Scholars, you will learn what it takes to succeed in the unique world of academia, particularly within schools of dentistry. You will understand the expectations imposed on faculty, including how to balance the competing demands of teaching and conducting research, working with struggling students and striving for publication. The ITL is designed not only to help you succeed in the classroom, lab and clinic, but also with your academic career.

Develop practical skills to navigate academic responsibility

Responsibilities in academia also include taking leadership roles. The ITL instructors will provide you with the secrets for conducting effective meetings and chairing committees. You will learn how to deal with differences among faculty and how to retain control when faced with opposition.

Get started with research and publication

Do you know “what’s hot & what’s not” in research and publishing? Do you know what research is considered fundable? Adding to your academic portfolio with funded research and credit in well-regarded journals is not just a good idea for advancement—it’s an expected part of the academic life for most fulltime faculty. The ITL instructors will guide you over and around the hurdles, from techniques for finding your research niche to tips on avoiding rejection of your submissions.

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