The overall program goal is to help participants, designated as ITL Scholars, refine teaching skills that will enhance the quality of their interactions with students and develop other skills that will facilitate confidence, job satisfaction, and professional growth in the academic environment. The ITL program (two-phase, 6 days, with distance education module between phases) allows Scholars to explore the 16 themes listed below. The curriculum is designed to enable ITL Scholars to have learning experiences and attain specific learning objectives identified for each theme.


ITL Themes for Two-Phase, 6 Day Program

  • Evaluation of students' clinical competency
  • Case-based and problem-based learning
  • Active and blended learning techniques
  • Clinical teaching best practices
  • Classroom teaching best practices
  • Assessments with written tests
  • Course planning
  • Instructional design
  • Critical thinking
  • Learning pathologies
  • Working with a generational mix of students
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Addressing ethical issues in dental education
  • Teaching psychomotor skills
  • Working productively with difficult students
  • Analysis of student motivation and decision making


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